The PT8 hydraulic pipe tub is designed for use with drilling rigs. Unlike other pipe tubs, the PT8 does not require the manual addition and removal of spacers between tiers.

The PT8 offers a standalone operation based on an optional self contained electric hydraulic power unit.

Multiple PT8 pipe tubs can be stacked side by side.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Maximum Tubular Length 65' (65' version)
Weight 13,500 lbs (Range II); 15,500 lbs (Range III); 29,000 lbs (65' tubular)
Length 42' (Range II); 46.5' (Range III); 71' (65' tubular)
Hydraulic Power Unit Electric

Design Features

  • 8.5' transport width
  • Three length options: Range II and Range III and 65'
  • Skid mounted
  • Standalone self contained operation
  • Simple operation
  • Range II, III or 65' tubular handling.
  • Optional self contained electric driven hydraulic power unit

Safety Features

  • Fully hydraulic process eliminates manual handling of tubular
  • Safety shut downs
  • Well labelled with standard safety decals
  • Backup controls at the end of pipe tub, away from tubular area
  • Hydraulic failsafe regulators