The C4S hydraulic catwalk is a skid based version of the C4.

The C4S offers either an electric or diesel driven hydraulic power unit.

The C4S has a hydraulically raisable and scopable carrier for presentation heights from 6' to 30’.

See the C4 page for video and images of how his catwalk operates. The image to the right shows an older design using a telescopic cylinder instead of the new lifting legs, as per the C4.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Presentation Height Range (for the end of the tubular) 6' to 30'
Maximum Tubular Length Range III
Maximum Tubular OD 9-5/8"
Maximum Tubular Weight 2,000 lbs
Weight 15,000 lbs
Length 49' 10-1/4"
Hydraulic Power Unit Diesel
Power Requirement 50 HP
Cycle Time 30 seconds

Design Features

  • Skid mounted with roll end and lift points
  • Standalone self contained operation
  • Rapid set-up and tear-down
  • Wireless remote control
  • Optional manual 12' Pipe Racks with hydraulic Loader Arm
  • Self contained diesel driven hydraulic power unit

Safety Features

  • Fully mechanized process eliminates manual handling of tubular
  • Safety shutdowns
  • Well labelled with standard safety decals
  • Master control at end of catwalk, away from tubular area
  • Hydraulic failsafe regulators
  • Dual sensors