The C40 hydraulic catwalk is designed to be a versatile height catwalk.

The C40 offers wireless remote controls and electric driven hydraulic power unit.

The C40 has a hydraulically extendable carrier for presentation heights from 6’ to 42’.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Sub-floor Height Range 6' to 42'
Maximum Tubular Length Range III
Maximum Tubular OD 20"
Maximum Tubular Weight 8,000-10,000 lbs
Maximum Pipe Rack Load 30,000 lbs
Weight without options 60,000 lbs
Length 62' 4"
Hydraulic Power Unit Electric
Power Requirement 125 HP
Cycle Time 44 seconds

Design Features

  • Standalone self contained operation
  • Rapid set-up and tear-down
  • Hydraulic leveling of the catwalk
  • Hydraulic pipe racks either side of catwalk
  • Hydraulically extendable carrier
  • Electric driven hydraulic power unit
  • Wireless remote control
  • Automatic presentation mode

Safety Features

  • Fully mechanized process eliminates manual handling of tubular
  • Safety shutdowns
  • Well labelled with standard safety decals
  • Master control at end of catwalk, away from tubular area
  • Hydraulic failsafe regulators
  • Dual sensors

Optional Features

  • Cold climate upgrade, rated for -40°C