North Rig's C22 Hydraulic Catwalk has an adjustable V-door height to meet a substructure between 18' and 26'.

Significant Design Advantages:

  • Open Belly Design for skidding over wellheads on a pad rig.
  • Lift up system for optimal tubular presentation to drilling floor.
  • Hands free operaton.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Sub-floor Height Range 18' to 26'
Maximum Tubular Length Range III
Maximum Tubular OD 20"
Maximum Tubular Weight 10,000 lbs
Maximum Pipe Rack Load 30,000 lbs
Weight without options (with full tank on HPU) 58,500 lbs
Length 58'
Deck Height 46"
Tunnel Clearance 36" wide x 29" high
Cycle Time 42 seconds

Design Features

  • Open Belly Design for skidding over wellheads on a pad rig
  • “Hydraulic Pump Load Sense” System
  • Lift-Up System for optimal tubular presentation to drilling floor
  • Skate style design
  • Operation from rig floor with Wireless Remote
  • Manual back-up system minimizes downtime
  • Rapid set-up and tear-down
  • Hydraulically leveled pipe racks
  • Hydraulic leveling of the catwalk
  • Automatic hydraulic cable tensioner
  • tubular loading from either side of catwalk
  • Hydraulic V-Door minimizes need for lifting equipment, maximizing speed and safety
  • Self contained Power Pack with electric motor and hydraulic pump combination

Safety Features

  • Fully mechanized process eliminates manual handling of tubular.
  • Safety shutdowns
  • Well labelled with standard safety decals
  • Master control at end of catwalk, away from tubular area
  • Channel iron deck with non-skid working surface
  • Effective moisture draining contruction
  • PLC safety interlocks
  • Hydraulic failsafe regulators
  • Protective guards on hydraulics

Optional Features

  • De-gasser line, choke line and steam lines under the deck
  • Insulation of above lines
  • Cold Temperature Package – rated for -40°C
  • Hot Temperature Package – rated for +40°C
  • Stairs on V-Door
  • Wheel sets