North Rig's C16 Hydraulic Catwalk is aimed at a substructure height of 16', but can be supplied with a V-door at heights from 12' to 17'.

One pipe rack will support Range 3 casing and one will support Range 2 tubular.

Significant Design Advantages:

  • Open Belly Design for skidding over wellheads on a pad rig.
  • Hands free operation.

Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Sub-floor Height Range 12' to 17' *
Maximum Tubular Length Range III
Maximum Tubular OD 20"
Maximum Tubular Weight 7,000 lbs
Maximum Pipe Rack Load 30,000 lbs
Weight without options 44,000 lbs
V-door Angle 45 degrees
Length 58'
Deck Height 46"
Tunnel Clearance 36" wide x 30" high
Cycle Time 20 seconds

* V-door supplied matches sub-floor height with a minimum of 4" of adjustability up and down.

Design Features

  • Open Belly Design for skidding over wellheads on a pad rig
  • Skate style design
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Manual back-up system minimizes downtime
  • Rapid set-up and tear-down
  • Hydraulically leveled pipe racks
  • Hydraulic leveling of the catwalk
  • Automatic hydraulic cable tensioner
  • Tubular loading from either side of catwalk
  • Hydraulic V-Door minimizes need for lifting equipment, maximizing speed and safety
  • Self contained Power Pack with electric motor and hydraulic pump combination

Safety Features

  • Fully mechanized process eliminates manual handling of tubular.
  • Safety shutdowns
  • Well labelled with standard safety decals
  • Master control at end of catwalk, away from tubular area
  • Channel iron deck with non-skid working surface
  • Effective moisture draining contruction
  • Hydraulic failsafe regulators
  • Protective guards on hydraulics

Optional Features

  • De-gasser line, choke line and steam lines under the deck
  • Insulation of above lines
  • Cold Temperature Package – rated for -40°C
  • Hot Temperature Package – rated for +40°C
  • Wheel sets
  • Walking system
  • Platform V-door
  • Manifold shack (belly becomes closed)